Many ailments develop as a result of food allergies, manifesting themselves into diseases and syndromes like hypertension and diabetes. Food allergies cause a lot of discomfort, giddiness and other symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, headaches, eczema and more. The allergies most commonly arise out of milk and milk products, wheat, cereals etc.

Food Allergy Test, a comprehensive food allergy test, has made its entry into India by Food Allergy Test India. These tests detect the food items that cause allergies. They help in analysing the IgG allergies of food that lead to a whole lot of ailments in people.

How IgG food allergies crop up:

The best immune systems of the body are the intestines. More than 80% of the defence reactions start here. Having a healthy gut wall means having a good barrier to pathogens, bacteria, viruses and food proteins. When food is digested properly, it passes through the intestinal cells and into the blood stream. However, when the intestinal wall is not healthy, owing to medications, mycosis or stress, the food is not digested properly and passes through the cells into the bloodstream as a foreign particle, thereby initiating immune reactions.

Detecting IgG food allergies:

Food Allergy Test has a range of 4 diagnostic tests to offer. They are listed below in an increasing order of complexity.