Food Allergy 44+ Test

Food Allergy Test Screen+ is a part of Food Allergy Test itself. It can be taken up when a food allergy gets chronic and its symptoms do not leave. Generally, these allergies are caused by a delayed IgG food reaction. These allergies go undetected as it is very hard to identify them based on their manifestation after consumption of these food items. With Food Allergy Test, these allergies can be detected.

Food Allergy Test

This test helps to analyse 44 basic food items, including cereals, chicken, egg and dairy products. It helps in identifying type III food allergies by finding out the foods that cause them. Food Allergy Test India offers these tests at reasonable prices within a short span of time. The diagnostic test includes dietary recommendations and the reports enable you to understand your allergies better.

General information:

Food Allergy Test has a research lab that conducts ELISA like indicative tests to gauge IgG antibodies level of 44 food stuff in one's blood, which are classified into three categories:

A detailed report listing the results of the IgG antibodies that react to these food items is then provided. If elevated levels of IgG antibodies are foundwith regard to certain food items, you can take up the individual test for 270 food allergens using Food Allergy Test Complete.

Food Allergy Test - the benefits:

Food Allergy Test Screen+ proves to be extremely beneficial to detect chronic food allergies with accurate results. Some of the other advantages include: