The ImuPro Concept

Improve your immunity by fighting your “fake enemies“

You can strengthen your immune system by identifying the foods your body mistakes as harmful ones. If you avoid these “fake enemies“ your body can use its full capacity to fight your “real enemies” such as viruses and bacterial infections. They are the truly harmful substances to you.

Individual nutritional analysis & personalised guidance

ImuPro is a concept that combines a sophisticated and reliable blood analysis for IgG food allergies with our unique post-test guidance. Up to 270 foods are tested. Together with your test results you will receive your individual nutritional concept – your building blocks to a healthier life.

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Your trusted companion on your path to better health

Your test results and your personal nutritional guidelines will help you find to the foods that are good for you and to pinpoint your individual “trigger foods”. By avoiding the foods that cause you problems, inflammatory processes can be reduced or even stopped and your body can recover.

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