The major health concerns which was becoming a challenge in my life was chronic acidity, burning sensation and also weight issues. After getting the Food Intolerance Test done, within a week the acidity problem was completely reduced and the stomach became much more stable. The weight was also naturally reduced to about 5 kgs within a month. And the major protocol which was being followed was total elimination of all the allergic foods and a change in the diet which improved my overall health. On the other hand the digital health record also simplified my life as all my reports were consolidated at one place and I was able to monitor my health records with ease.


There were a lot of health issues such as swelling in the arms, bloating, PCOD and obesity. As soon as the elimination diet started where I excluded dairy and wheat products, the problem of bloating was resolved and the body felt much lighter. Furthermore, as my weight started to reduce due to diet change, my body was at much ease, along with reduction in the pain of my arms. Moreover, I was able to easily access and understand my reports in the digitalized platform, as it came with graphical representations which in turn gave me less stress in the management of my medical records and prescriptions offline for future reference.